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These Programs are Fully Supported by the Editorial Staff at American Image Press and Today's Photographer Magazine. IFPO Member Photographers, Journalists, Photojournalists, Reporters, Broadcasters, Bloggers and other Media Enthusiasts may partiipate in these programs. Questions? Call Vonda Blackburn 1-800-654-9557 or email

Members choose their own assignments from events in their area of interest. Most of the time you can arrive at the press gate 30 minutes prior to an event, show your credentials and pass through. For high profile events, the editors of American Image Press and Today's Photographer magazine will write letters of assignment or submit applications on your behalf to help you gain access.

 (1) GOLD PRESS CREDENTIALS Program (IFPO Membership Required)

This "The Gain Access Program" program was inaugurated in 1986. Thousands of IFPO members swear by the this program and would never use anything else. The Gold Press Credentials will get you and your camera where you could never go alone - behind the scenes at sports, entertainment and breaking news events. The backbone of this unique program is Today's Photographer magazine and American Image Press. Member photographers and journalists are on assignment for the magazine. The editorial staff will help you gain access to the events you choose.

(2) A.I.N.S. UNIVERSAL Press Credentials (IFPO Membership Required)

Historically, American International News Service and Universal Credentials were "birthed" from the very Gold Press Program users who had become so experienced in press photography that they were pushing the Gold Press Credentials to the "outer edge of the envelope." IFPO's really experienced members began pushing into global calamities and war zones. From Hurricane Katrina, Haitian Earthquake, Indonesian Tsunami . . . to Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Sudan Civil Strife. IFPO members helped create a Program that got them embedded with military units and aide organizations to mention a few.

(3) US PRESS CORPS Press Credentials (IFPO Membership Required)

Designed for the toughest Barriers, Gates and Doors. In addition, members report that wearing the hard card badge with lanyard while traveling can yield discounts and preferential treatment with airlines, hotels and restaurants. You are a member of a distinct and impressive group: the U.S. Press Corps. In many situations, this can carry more clout than other credentials. Again, experienced members will come to know which works best in each situation.

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