"Reaching IFPO is 'a piece of cake' compared to calling the local police department." For more than 27 years I have depended on IFPO for most of my needs as my photography career evolves. Recently I received a valuable service from IFPO that surprised me and I'm not sure is known to most members. In a very bizarre situation, several months ago I inadvertently left my passport, IFPO documents, and a substantial amount of cash in a travel bag purchased from Amazon. Then, deciding the bag was not for me, I absentmindedly returned it, forgetting my valuables inside.

A new purchaser stored the bag for a few months before use. When packing for her first trip, the new owner found my cash, passport, and IFPO documents with the IFPO 800 telephone number. She called that number on a Sunday evening and reached a live human voice! She was given my contact information. Long story short, because of IFPO backup and support, everything was returned to me including the cash - which I tried to share with the "good Samaritan."

"IFPO has been there for me for more than a quarter century - and I am just one of the more than 85,000 members they have served in many untold ways in the last 35 years."

Michael "Grumper" Ward, IFPO member since 1992